Food & Drink

In the Raw

This bark has got bite.

Imagine a chocolate bar so good for you it’s not even considered candy. That’s the inspiration behind Pure Chocolate by Jinji, created by former holistic nutritional counselor, Jinji Fraser, who sells her line of artisanal chocolates at the Belvedere Square Market (and other locations). 

“I came up with the idea because, when I would counsel them, my clients were asking, ‘What will I do without sweets?’” says Fraser. 

The proof is in the product. One taste of Fraser’s line of raw, sugar- and gluten-free goodness—packed with ingredients including iron-rich bananas and immunity-boosting honey—is all it takes to give up sweets tout de suite. 

Says Fraser, “Take, for example, the raspberry, orange, Brazil nut bar. The vitamin C in the raspberries and oranges enhances hair growth. That’s not to say you’ll look like Rapunzel if you eat it, but if you include these ingredients in your diet, you’ll have great hair, too.” 

Not to mention a clear conscience. “For a lot of people, chocolate is sinful,” explains Fraser. “But dark, raw, organic chocolate is a super food and a great accompaniment to a healthy diet, plus it tastes great, too.”

Health Nut

Jinji’s hazelnut/chocolate spread is a delicious and healthy alternative for Nutella lovers. It’s great on toast, pretzels, and even ice cream!