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Monument City to Open Brewery in Highlandtown

The brewers go from a co-op space to a 13,000-square-foot facility on Haven Street.
Monument City taproom
A rendering of the proposed taproom at the new Monument City brewery. - Courtesy of Monument City Brewing

The brothers, who actually took out some of the automation from the brew equipment to be even more hands on, say they are excited to go from a contract-brewing situation at Peabody Heights to now being able to have a bit more control.

“Peabody Heights was such a great environment to learn and experiment,” Matt said. “We’re going to be able to tweak what we’ve learned and produce more limited edition one-offs in the brewery.”

In fact, Monument City will be expanding its current core product line from two to four beers, with quarterly seasonal and more small-batch releases, and they’ll be moving from bottles to cans once the facility opens. The brewery’s team will be expanding from two to four employees, and will be focusing more on the brewhouse operations and sales.

The new brewery will also have a taproom, an area for live music, and the ability to host outdoor events with food trucks in its parking lot. Despite all the exciting changes, the Praay brothers insist they the backbone of their company and its beers—like the popular 51 Rye and newer Battle IPA—will remain the same.

“We are so proud and grateful to Baltimore that our model of staying local has worked,” Ken said. “At the heart of it, we’re a family brewery and we want to remain an integral part of the local community for as long as they will let us.”