Food & Drink

Dessert Cocktails

Sugar Rush

Annabel Lee Tavern

601 S. Clinton St., 410-522-2929.

is something about this Edgar Allan Poe-inspired tavern that makes us
want to curl up next to the fire and sip a decadent cocktail—and they
have plenty to choose from.

Editor’s choice: The Isadore with High Grounds coffee, Fireball whiskey, Baileys Irish Cream, vanilla extract, and a whipped-cream topper.

B&O American Brasserie

2 N. Charles St., 410-692-6172.

hotel bar has been producing creatively crafted mixed drinks for
several years now, and its current menu—with sparkling punch bowls and
barrel-aged cocktails—is no exception.

Editor’s choice: The B&O Manhattan with Angels Envy bourbon, Port, angostura bitters, and (the kicker) maple syrup for a bit of sweetness.

Heavy Seas Alehouse

1300 Bank St, 410-522-0850.

Little Italy brewpub uses Heavy Seas beer in its cocktails in creative
ways, from Peg Leg liqueur in its Manhattan to Gold Ale in its shandy.

Editor’s choice: Root-beer float with two scoops of vanilla or chocolate ice cream in a pint glass and covered with Peg Leg Imperial Stout.


807 S. Broadway, 443-438-3296.

The cocktail bar features plenty of after-dinner cocktails, like the creamy Toro Blanco and rich Black & Tan.

Editor’s choice:
Though it’s off-menu, we recommend ordering the Little King (which is
served as a shot) with Crown Royal, cold-brewed coffee, and maple syrup.

The Abbey Burger Bistro

1041 Marshall St., 443-453-9698.

the build-your-own burgers, what impresses us most about Abbey Burger
is the list of spiked milkshakes—with flavors like Berger Cookies and

Editor’s choice: The Incredible Hulk with pistachio ice cream, Grand Marnier, and brownie chunks.

Liqueurs & Alcohol

Baileys Irish Cream: 17% alcohol

Grand Marnier: 40% alcohol

23: Percentage more alcohol by volume in Grand Marnier versus Baileys Irish Cream.