Food & Drink


Sugar Rush

Bonaparte Breads

903 S. Ann St, 410-342-4000.

display case at the Fells Point cafe is stocked with delectable
pastries, from almond croissants and elephant ear-shaped palmiers
stuffed with raspberries to apricot-and-pear tarts.

Editor’s pick:
The Paris-Brest, named for a bicycle race between the two French
cities—a sandwich of éclair dough filled with hazelnut cream and dusted
with sugar and almonds.

Au Bon Pain

Several locations including 10 N. Calvert St., 410-727-9827.

the chain launched in Boston in 1978, the bakery has brought French
pastries to airports, shopping malls, and even hospitals all over the
world. Selections include brownies, cookies, croissants, strudels, and
cheese Danish. The website ( even includes caloric info, if you dare.

Editor’s pick: The chocolate crème torsade pastry: 230 calories. Woot.

Bonjour Bakery

6070 Falls Rd., 410-372-0238.

shelves are filled with croissants—plain, almond, and
chocolate—palmiers, brioches, muffins, and more. All are baked by Gerard
Billebault, a native of France, who opened the cute cafe with his wife,
Gayle Brier, 15 years ago. The shop is also known for its colorful
macaroons, which need to be special ordered.

Editor’s pick: Pain au raisin, glazed with sugar and studded with sweet raisins.

Daniela Pasta & Pastries

900 W. 36th St., 443-759-9320.

tiny storefront on The Avenue in Hampden may have some of the best
Italian delicacies in town. Sure, the savory edibles are delicious, but
the house-made dolci are worth a visit. The dilemma will be which one to
pick from the display case, from tiramisu and fruit tarts to cannoli
and strudels.

Editor’s pick: The bite-sized elephant ears sandwiching a lemon curd or chocolate-hazelnut-cream middle.

Pariser’s Bakery

6711 Reisterstown Rd., 410-764-1700.

Pikesville kosher bakery has at least 10 varieties of
hamantaschen—small triangular pastries with fillings like prune, poppy
seed, and chocolate. But the shop also has classic pastries like buttery
Danish packed with cherry, lemon, and blueberry, éclairs, and

Editor’s pick: The chocolate “cigar,” which is covered in chocolate icing and powdered sugar.

Pastry Ingredients

Flour, Butter & Water

The same three ingredients are used to make some of the most-loved pastries in the world.

Croissant Controversy Fun Fact

believe that Marie Antoinette introduced this buttery pastry to France
from her native Austria. Though its origins are in dispute, its
yumminess is not.