The Baltimore Peace Movement in Photos

Photojournalist J.M. Giordano shares images from his new book, which documents 10 years of peace advocacy in Baltimore.
An image from the Baltimore Peace Movement in 2018 that appears in J.M. Giordano’s forthcoming book. —Photography by J.M. Giordano

In the summer of 2013, Baltimore’s homicide rate was on the rise, prompting residents to take to the streets in an effort to reduce gun violence through neighborhood engagement. Out of that violent year, positive activism was spun by groups like 300 Man March, Moms Against Gun Violence, West Wednesdays, and, ultimately, Baltimore Ceasefire—which changed its name to Baltimore Peace Movement in 2022 to “declare what it’s about, not what it’s against.”

Baltimore Peace Movement hosts Peace Promise Weekends the first weekend of February, August, November, and Mother’s Day weekend. During these dedicated days—a time for communities to host life-affirming events and celebrate the peace that naturally resides in all humanity—research has shown a 52 percent reduction in gun violence. Throughout the year, the movement serves as a hub of resources for organizations and community members working to nurture peace in Baltimore.

Award-winning photojournalist—and frequent Baltimore contributor—J.M. Giordano has documented the local peace movement since 2013, and compiled his photos into a new book, 13–23: How a Summer of Violence Led to a Decade of Activism.

Here, we share an online-exclusive preview of the pictorial history, as well as exclusive images from Giordano’s most recent coverage of Baltimore Peace Movement’s peace weekend that took place August 4–6, 2023.

From 13–23: How a Summer of Violence Led to a Decade of Activism:

A friend of Montae Harris, who was gunned down at a Northwest Baltimore apartment complex on July 15, watches police at the scene.
Classmates mourn JROTC student Michael Mayfield, 17, who was killed in West Baltimore in 2014.
Baltimore residents "smudge" the scene of a double homicide which occurred during the second anniversary of the Baltimore Ceasefire in 2018.
Children participate in a water gun battle during the second anniversary of the Baltimore Ceasefire.
Signs at West Wednesdays, the weekly protest honoring Tyrone West—who died in police custody after a traffic stop in 2013.

From the Baltimore Peace Movement’s Peace Promise Weekend August 4-6: 

A Baltimore Peace Movement ambassador draws a peace symbol at the group's Edmonson Avenue event.
Baltimore Peace Movement members embrace co-founder Erricka Bridgeford on Edmonson Avenue.
Supporters of the Baltimore Peace Movement wave signs and encourage passing cars to honk their horns in support of the August event.
A massive peace flag waves over the Baltimore Peace Movement weekend event on Edmonson Avenue. —Photography by J.M. Giordano
A member of a Baltimore Jeep club stops and supports the Peace Movement weekend event on Edmonson Avenue.
The public turned in both handguns and rifles to Baltimore City Police as part of a gun buyback organized by the Archdiocese of Baltimore during the Baltimore Peace Movement weekend event.
From top: Young basketball players go head-to-head during the “Leader In The Making” Basketball Tournament in East Baltimore over the citywide Baltimore Peace Movement weekend event; Supporters of Baltimore Peace Movement embrace.