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Skin Deep

Curio Wellness opens spa in their Timonium dispensary.

When you think Curio Wellness, you probably think medical cannabis. You probably don’t think luxurious day spa where you can get everything from a relaxing massage to an indulgent facial or therapeutic acupuncture session.

But tucked away inside the York Road establishment is a secret oasis of beauty and wellness. Opened in April, The Spa at Curio Wellness is peaceful and serene, with four beauty treatment rooms and an experienced staff of beauty professionals leading the charge.

While a dispensary and spa joining forces might seem unusual, esteemed local facialist Robin Ferro was eager to make the move to give her clients a full-body wellness experience.

“It’s funny, because I was concerned about what my clients would think about me moving to a dispensary, but as soon as I would start to talk about it, people were really interested, and they wanted to know more about it,” she says. “I don’t work in the dispensary itself, but it is just another tool for helping people manage things such as stress and other ailments that could affect their skin.”

Ferro notes that there are over-the-counter products infused with CBD (oil derived from the cannabis plant) that can serve as antioxidants and anti-inflammatories for the skin. On top of that, her spa offers a wide variety of skincare services such as dermaplane, LED light therapy, microdermabrasion, and clinical peels, and she hopes to carry more CBD-infused products in the future.

“They are doing a lot of testing on the effects of CBDs on the skin and their ability to help with some skin cancers,” says Ferro. “It’s a really groundbreaking time to be in this industry, and it’s only the beginning.”