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This Anti-Aging Facial Treatment is Like Getting Botox Without the Needles

Four Seasons spa director Shae Jackson tells us all about the relaxing service that tightens the skin and smooths wrinkles.

Beauty is pain, no more. Thanks to recent trends highlighting the power of facial-massage techniques and the ever-evolving science behind anti-aging serums, getting a short-lasting, non-surgical facelift might actually be a relaxing experience. We talked with Shae Jackson, the spa director at the Four Seasons Hotel, to get her take on a luxurious, result-driven facial technique—think of it as Botox without the needles—that she says leaves you walking out of the spa looking younger than you when you arrived.

Are there really treatments that provide a face lift effect without injections?
Our spa’s Inhibit Face Lift treatment is a cosmetic complement and alternative to micro-injections and other medical aesthetic procedures. This anti-aging treatment tightens the skin, smooths wrinkles, and reforms the appearance of the skin. With its powerful revitalizing action and effective filling [process], this lifting service diminishes expression lines while it firms and hydrates.

How is this different from a basic facial?
This is not your average facial. This treatment provides an immediate lifting impact from a single session. Our aestheticians apply the product with stimulating maneuvers that activate microcirculation to produce dramatically firmer skin. This specific treatment uses products formulated with Natura Bisse’s Skinform Molecular Technology; the high concentration of ingredients is designed to address the signs of aging by inhibiting facial contractions while smoothing wrinkles and intensely hydrating the skin.

What are the benefits?
The treatment helps skin look more toned, supple, and more flexible while tightening to visibly diminish the appearance of lines and wrinkles. The lifting effect beautifies the jawline and helps skin look rejuvenated. At the same time, complexions are brightened, and skin is left rehydrated. There are no side effects or downtime with this facial.

What can we expect during the appointment?
Treatments last 50 to 80 minutes. After cleansing and toning the neck and décolleté, a powerful but gentle peel is applied to address skin pigmentation and luminosity. The aesthetician will then target specific facial expression lines with a concentrated serum containing relaxing neuropeptides that minimize the facial muscle contractions that cause wrinkles and includes a growth factor that can reform skin structure from within. Wrinkles are further softened with an advanced lifting massage technique. The facial concludes with a gel mask that helps plump and firm the skin. Clients leave with a customized skin care regime to continue the experience at home, which extends the life of the treatment, as the results only last for up to 48 hours.


TIME: Perfect for a relaxing self-care morning or evening, this facial can take up to one-and-half hours.

REGIMEN: Results may last longer with an at-home aesthetician-approved skincare routine.

MONEY: This treatment ranges from $290 to $435, depending on how long your appointment lasts.