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The Entertainer

The Station North den of Sarge Salman, conference curator of TEDxBaltimore.

CONVERSATION STARTER: I wanted the room to be a warm and intellectual space—an environment with an intimacy that stimulates discussion and encourages connection.

MULTIPLE MOVES: The main driver in furniture choice was meeting the aesthetic objective for the room. I have a big couch to accommodate large groups, and then three chairs for smaller gatherings, allowing a closer interaction. I also keep an empty space for those who prefer to stand. And finally, there’s a small bar in the corner for the social lubricants.

BACK TO YOUR ROOTS: I was born in Lebanon, so there is a majlis inspiration. The root of the word majlis means “sitting,” and the layout provides seating capacity around the circumference of the room.

PERFECT PERCH: I spend the most time in the orange chair. I like it because the color stands out and it offers a good view of everyone else in the room, as well as a great place for quiet reading and reflection.

BE OUR GUEST: I started hosting biweekly dinners with a friend. I invite half of the guests and she invites the other half, for a total of 10 to 12 people. Everyone makes a new friendship. I started taking Polaroids of them to memorialize the tradition, and to remind me of the great folks who have visited.

PICTURE PEOPLE: All of the Polaroids on the column in my den are awesome people who I’ve hosted. Every picture is a story connected to an event. And each picture offers a unique personal narrative. In the aggregate, insight and knowledge from that column are far richer than all the books in the room.

LIBRARY LOVE: I am a big reader. I find comfort in the company of books. And I enjoy seeing which books grab guests’ attention—It’s a good conversation starter. I also enjoy the quietness of the space for contemplation and reading.