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A favorite since the 1800s gets a DIY update with organic flavors and fresh colors.



Dlp 391

If you don’t want to make it at home, check out some of our favorite snowball stands:

Quality Snowballs, Hampden
Summer Shack Snowballs, Lutherville
Walther Gardens, Moravia-Walther
One Sweet Moment, Hamilton
The Snowball Stand, Woodstock
The Eskimo Shack, Arbutus
Stouten’s Snowball Shop, Dundalk
Elizabeth and Zyggies, Parkville

Dlp 322

Art Direction, Prop and Set Styling: Limonata Creative. Party guests: Lina Chenowith, Madelyn and Makenzie McGonigle, and Brooke Wiley. Props & Candy: Snow Cone Maker ($39.99) at Kohl’s. Organic Snow Cone Syrups provided by Walther Gardens’ snowball stand. Table, background, hanging plant pendants, and painted plants designed and created by Limonata Creative. Giant dominos ($60), Fresh Leaf napkins ($7), Sugarfina citrus juice bears ($7.50), green juice bears ($7.50), Sugarfina confetti drops ($7), and Aphrodite strawberry candy ($9) at Becket Hitch. Coral stripe petite pot ($8), metal straw set ($18), stoneware Susie creamer ($7.50), and round tray ($12) at Trohv. On Lina: Joyous and Free white double layer tank ($34), Appaman metallic bomber jacket ($74), Havengirl striped leggings ($34), silver wave headband ($8) at Wee Chic Boutique. Snow-cone popsicle earrings ($22) at Trohv. Cat & Jack sunglasses ($5.99) at Target. Steve Madden rose gold sandals ($39.99) at Towson Bootery. On Madelyn: Appaman clouds dress ($54) at Wee Chic Boutique. Shoes, hair beads, and bows, model’s own. On Makenzie: Joules yellow stripe jumper ($50) at Wee Chic Boutique. Shoes, hair beads, and bows, model’s own. On Brooke: Deux Par Deux tassel trim dress ($52) at Wee Chic Boutique. Cat & Jack sunglasses ($5.99) at Target.