The Ravens Coaches’ Favorite ’80s Hype Song Needs to Be on Your Playlist This Week

Here's what song John Harbaugh and the Ravens coaching staff let loose to after Saturday's playoff win.

By the time Ravens coach John Harbaugh was speaking in his post-game press conference on Saturday night, the celebratory dancing he had done a few minutes earlier in the locker room after a 34-10 win over the Houston Texans was already going viral. 

On television after the victory, which advanced the Ravens to Sunday’s AFC title game, ESPN and ABC showed a brief clip of the 61-year-old Harbaugh dancing, but there was more where that came from. 

Tight ends coach George Godsey evidently is a fan of the 1983 song “Party Train” by The Gap Band and “got it started,” Harbaugh said, “and we all got in there and danced. I just want you to know that it wasn’t just me.” 

Turns out, the Ravens coaches (and rookie wide receiver Zay Flowers, the most limber of anyone who cut the locker room rug) actually did a great job reenacting the music video that appears to serve as the inspiration for their victory routine. 

It’s so ‘80s. Think: Dance battles in a boxing ring at Venice Beach, it looks like. Plus, a strange mix of characters in a plot, swimsuits, and lots of hair product. 

As the lyrics say, don’t miss that party train. Everybody all aboard.