Talking Points: April 2016

Should opening day be a holiday?

Jenny Curran, inside sales rep: Wait . . . it isn’t a holiday?!?! It is for me! Every year!

Tyson Heck, bartender: “America’s pastime” speaks for itself. Opening day represents more than just baseball. It represents everything about the American Dream and loving life. No other sport has influenced everyday culture like baseball has. So, we owe it to the game to make opening day a holiday. Not to mention, time off from work means more time to chow down on some Esskays.

Candice Knight, designer: Obviously, it can’t become a legitimate office holiday, but I think it’s already considered a local holiday. I know I think of it that way! It’s one of the most fun days of the year in Baltimore!

Jason Wagner, graphic designer: Opening day is for those with heart and smarts to skip work. It’s not for everyone.

Ryan Detter, NASA engineer: That’s a rhetorical question, right? I do feel a cough coming on . . .