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Becket Hitch Launches Spinoff Womenswear Boutique, BH&Co.

Located just around the corner from its sister shop at Green Spring Station, the new store is stocked with a tasteful balance of casual and elegant fashion finds.
—Photography by Micah E. Wood

Is there something in the water at Green Spring Station? Their stores keep multiplying. First, children’s shop Wee Chic opened a young adult counterpart, Girlhero. Then women’s boutique Sassanova opened a men’s shop, Nova Man. And now, this October, home goods shop Becket Hitch opened a womenswear clothing store, BH&Co—because, well, of course they did.

“In 2019, we really expanded apparel, and it continued to build on itself,” says Becket Hitch owner Kohli Flick, pictured above. “I was playing around with the idea of splitting up [home and apparel], and when this space became available it just felt like the right time and right place, too.”

The right place, indeed. BH&Co is located right around the corner from Becket Hitch. “I think it’s such a great environment,” said Flick. And yes, the growing synergy among the stores in Green Spring Station made the launch that much more appealing. “The community of supportive, strong female business owners, coupled with fantastic customers, many of whom I call my friends, make it the best place to expand the company.”

Quality, versatility, comfort, and seasonality are at the forefront of BH&Co.

—Photography by Micah E. Wood

“We’re working with brands that are not really fast fashion—a lot of the lines are produced in the United States and, if not, they’re paying attention to the factories they’re working with and how items are being produced,” said Flick. “That’s kind of where we’ve always been, just expanding on that.”

Just in time for the holiday season, the shop is stocked with fashion finds Flick and her team have been curating since spring of this year. Expect to see more of what you love from Clare V and Adina Reyter, alongside brands like Emerson Fry and Oliphant—a tasteful balance of casual and elegant to take you from day to night, season to season, without the fear of falling off trend.

After nearly a decade of Becket Hitch, for Flick, this feels the same but different—a deep dive into something she’s only dipped her toes into for the last five years: “I’m excited for the growth, a new adventure, and to get everyone’s feedback on the brand I’ve been working on, and hope they love it as much as I do.”