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Winter White

Winter white comes in various tones, textures, and forms.

The fluffy stuff falling from the sky isn’t the only white we fear
during the winter. Many of us are still baffled by the rules of how—or
if!—one should wear white after summer.

Jenna Hattenburg, co-owner of Hampden’s Hunting Ground, assures us
that wearing white is acceptable and that the look is easy to pull off.
Her suggestion: Be bold with texture. “Save the linen and seersucker for
summer,” she says. “And instead, go for chunky knits, wool, leather,
and silk.”

Although black-and-white color blocking is a classic look, Sima Blue,
owner of Lutherville’s Trillium, prefers to mix and match other
neutrals—think caramels, creams, beiges, chocolate browns, and even
leopard prints. “I love white pants and a beigey camel sweater,” says

And it’s totally acceptable to apply this color choice to jewelry,
handbags, and even sunglasses throughout the winter. “It breaks up the
drab color this time of year of always black and brown,” Bree McNerney,
manager of Harbor East’s Handbags in the City, explains. “It’s a natural
color that brightens things up and makes things more cheery.”

from top left: Ted Baker Ohavia top ($195) at Trillium Ltd. Necklace
($36) at Sassanova. Pierrot Alessandro purse ($129) at South Moon Under.
Vintage ivory gloves ($52) at Hunting Ground. Urban Expressions natural
clutch ($34.99) at South Moon Under. Tom Ford Kit Astuccio Rigido
sunglasses ($440) at Handbags in the City. 7 For All Mankind velvet
skinny jeans ($178) at Trillium Ltd.