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Trending Accessories to Complete Your Summer Looks—And Where to Find Them Locally

We scoured local boutiques to find four statement pieces that are bold but still tasteful.

We wear less clothing in the summer months, which is why accessories are especially important. This season, we’re seeing a rise in statement pieces that are bold but still tasteful. We scoured local boutiques to find the best examples of these hot-weather trends.

STANDOUT SUNGLASSES: We love classic shapes like a ’60s cat’s-eye or a ’70s aviator, but this season we’re putting a fresh spin on those frames with surprising angles, colors, and shapes. To truly stand out in the crowd, go bold, or enjoy a modern spin on a classic frame. Try: Doubledutch Boutique, 1021 W 36th Street, 410-554-0055

METAL AND CHAINS: Pearls may have had their moment, but nothing’s quite as timeless as a simple chain. Layering mixed tones or stacking dainty chains with chunkier metals is a playful way to add interest to your look without being over the top. Don’t underestimate the power of a single statement necklace, though. A large clasp or striking pendant might be all you need to tie a look together. Try: Tortuga, 4717A Harford Road, 410-291-9091

TOTE BAGS: For when you’re here, there, and everywhere, a trusty tote bag is just the thing. High in practicality and notable for its versatility, a bag that can do it all never goes out of style. Our tip this season is to opt for a subtle statement; challenge yourself to a tote that has more structure or is oversized for an added taste of arm candy. Try: Currency Studio, 16 W North Avenue, 443-640-7960

STATEMENT HAT: This season you’ll need to complete your look H to T (that’s head-to-toe for the uninitiated), so try a trendy hat. The possibilities are endless, from crocheted bucket hats to vintage ball caps. Not to mention the perks of added sun protection and the bad-hair-day disguise that a hat can provide. Try: Angel Park Boutique, 1707 Aliceanna Street, 410-669-0600