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5 Best Testosterone Booster: Increase Volume & Strength Naturally

We’ve done the work for you and have compiled all the information you need into one concise, informative article on the best testosterone booster.
By Green Living

Increase volume and strength naturally with these top products.


According to the American Urological Association, low testosterone levels are defined when they reach less than 300 nanograms per deciliter. Low testosterone levels are a natural byproduct of aging but they can also be caused or exacerbated due to injuries or medications you may be taking. 

Testosterone boosters are designed to restore a healthy testosterone production, counteracting the many uncomfortable side effects that occur when your T levels are low. Searching for the right testosterone boosters online can feel like a crapshoot—it’s not easy to tell which natural testosterone boosters are worth buying and which are just trying to fool you with ideal physique photos and clever marketing. 

That’s where we come in. We’ve done the work for you and have compiled all the information you need into one concise, informative article on the best testosterone booster. We explain exactly what testosterone boosters are, share the most common symptoms of low testosterone levels, and let you know what to look for in natural testosterone boosters. 

Recommended Brands: Best Testosterone Boosting Supplements

  1. TestoPrime – Editor’s Choice
  2. Prime Male – Runner Up
  3. TestoFuel  – Honorable Mention
  4. TestoGen – Proven Formula

How Did We Choose the Best Testosterone Supplements?

We’ll be upfront: Compiling this list wasn’t easy. There’s a ton of information out there and there are just as many supplement companies trying to convince you they have the best testosterone booster for erectile dysfunction and to restore that youthful feel. Yes, some of those supplement manufacturers actually put a lot of thought and care into their products, but there are plenty of others that care more about their bottom line than providing you with something that truly benefits you. That’s why, to create an unbiased review you could find value in, we used a simple framework. This kept our search focused, allowing us to recommend only top of the line boosters to support your healthy testosterone levels. 

  • Risk-free buying. When you’re investing in your health, there’s got to be some kind of guarantee. We selected testosterone boosters to help you naturally boost testosterone levels and let you return the product if you’re not satisfied. When manufacturers offer a money back guarantee, we know they’re genuinely interested in making you a loyal customer. They know you want the extra security of a guarantee and they’re willing to lose money on a transaction to make sure you’re happy with their products. That’s one of the true marks of a supplement company that believes in their product. 
  • Third-party lab testing. Since testosterone boosters aren’t regulated by the Federal Drug Administration (FDA), they have to find a different route to keep their practices accountable. They could skip this step if they wanted to, but we don’t trust companies that don’t prioritize transparency. When they use the services of independent labs, they’re getting a chance to confirm the purity and the potency of their products. Independent labs also help to uncover any unnecessary or harmful ingredients, like cheap fillers and artificial dyes. We want to recommend brands that help boost testosterone levels naturally, not ingredients that can cause you harm. 
  • Brands that have been in business for a while have a long trail of customer feedback and industry expert comments. They’ve dived right in, getting nit-picky about every aspect of their products, from how many capsules they’re required to take on a daily basis to their efficacy in producing noticeable results and the side effects you might experience. We spent a good amount of time reading through different articles and through verified customer reviews to obtain a well-rounded perspective. The top four brands we chose are serious customer favorites. 
  • Lastly, you’ll love us for this, we ordered these testosterone supplements ourselves to give them a try. We wanted to be sure we are recommending brands that not only offer a superior product, but that also provide the kind of customer service that makes you feel comfortable talking about your testosterone levels. They did not disappoint—not in the slightest. We hope you get to experience the same benefits and overall experience that we had the opportunity to. We had zero regrets on these top four brands. 

Top 4 Testosterone Boosting Supplements Reviewed

1. TestoPrime – Editor’s Choice


  • All ingredients are naturally sourced
  • Safe ingredients approved by the FDA
  • Bonus access when you bundle your order
  • Risk-free trial for confident buying 


  • Single bottle purchases don’t include the additional access to eBooks

Testo Prime’s invigorating formula includes a total of 12 ingredients to get you back on track in no time. They incorporate some well-known and helpful components, including D-aspartic acid, Ashwagandha extract, panax ginseng, and fenugreek. This combination works synergistically to promote the production of luteinizing hormone, which in turn, enhances your testosterone levels. You’ll see changes in the mirror, as increased testosterone levels help you cut weight more quickly. Your time at the gym pays off faster, with increased muscle mass that has you radiating confidence. 

When you support your natural testosterone levels with Testo Prime’s well-researched and powerful formula, you’ll also see changes with your energy levels. At the end of a particularly tough workday, you won’t have that same drained feeling that lands you on the couch for an early night. You’ll be able to show up for your family, make plans with friends or go one dates, and make it to the gym to focus on gains. The low energy you’re feeling now will be a thing of the past, plus that sluggish feeling that affects your ability to focus and retain information will also be set aside. You’re going to be feeling years younger. 

Try out Testo Prime risk free: They want you to know their product works and put themselves on the line so you can try it out and decide for yourself if it’s worth your investment. They’ve perfected the dose and have spent countless hours researching the ingredients and creating their formula so you can benefit. When you feel better, everyone around you feels better and as a leader, it’s your responsibility to stay in top shape in every sense-mentally, physically, and emotionally. 

Aside from protecting you when you purchase from them, Testo Prime also goes the extra mile to help you out with added bonuses. When you bundle your purchase, you also get free access to their informative e-books, which include information on things like what foods help you naturally boost testosterone levels. They’re genuinely invested in helping you feel better and that comes through with their added bonuses, risk-free offer, and overall killer customer service team. 

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2. Prime Male – Runner Up 


  • Noticeable results in weeks
  • Naturally increases your testosterone levels
  • Supports your cardiovascular health
  • Aids with building lean muscle mass 


  • Product is not vegan friendly  

As you get older, your natural testosterone levels convert into estrogen. This is accomplished by aromatase, which is ultimately what kills your energy levels. If you’ve noticed that regular tasks you used to breeze through now zap all your energy, it could very well be that your testosterone levels are way too low. And if regular tasks are turning you into a couch potato, it’s likely your libido and performance in the bedroom are no longer the same. 

Not only do your energy levels decrease with low testosterone levels, but your mental fortitude starts to change too. Remember how you used to feel on top of the world? With a clear mind that allowed for mental focus on all your work tasks and a good mood that was so obvious, it was contagious? If you’re feeling more like a shell of the man you used to be, it’s likely due to a massive hormonal imbalance, one that can be rectified with a few key nutrients. 

This formula includes D-aspartic acid calcium chelate to help you reverse the effects of low testosterone levels and reignite your libido. Another ingredient that makes a huge difference is Korean red ginseng, which works toward improving your satisfaction in the bedroom by enhancing the quality of your erection. You’ll feel like the beast you used to feel like, and your partner will love the difference. Luteolin is a key ingredient in this formula because it blocks the production of estrogen, helping you feel younger and with renewed enthusiasm for every aspect of your life.

Along with offering this multitude of benefits, Prime Male also helps to lower your blood pressure and support your overall cardiovascular health. If you’ve been carrying around stubborn belly fat, Prime Male helps you dissolve that fat and support regulated sugar levels. You’ll be able to see muscle growth the way you did when you were younger. Prime Male is all about providing comprehensive support, even promoting better prostate health. This groundbreaking formula covers you from head to toe, restoring your confidence along the way. 

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3. Testofuel – Honorable Mention


  • Helps you lose stubborn weight
  • Elevates testosterone levels
  • Supports overall health
  • Helps you build muscle faster


  • Men taking medications should first check with their medical provider

TestoFuel is all about providing 100 percent natural ingredients to help you build up your testosterone levels and experience the difference it makes. If your days have started blending together, with low energy and a foggy mind, you’re likely suffering from a severe hormonal and balance.

Without testosterone, you lose the foundation you need to live a fulfilled life. From feeling completely beat at the gym to losing interest in sex, when your T levels are low, you feel weak, insecure, and unattractive. Instead of spinning your wheels at the gym with extra hours that aren’t helping you see any gains or staying away from home to avoid your partner by working late into the night at the office, it’s time you try Testo Fuel’s formula. It’s designed to help with growth hormone production and improve your cognitive performance.

It contains D-aspartic acid, which helps you get those muscle gains and it includes vitamin D and oyster extract to supply your body with the foundational nutrients it needs to encourage optimal functioning. Your post-gym days will be alleviated because vitamin D helps to minimize muscle soreness. You can tackle the gym the way you used to without the exhaustion you’ve been feeling, and you can also achieve that enviable mental state with laser point focus and clarity that helped you get where you are today.

Don’t let aging slow you down. Get your T levels up to build muscle, decrease any fat that has built up on your body, and regulate your metabolism. You’ll feel young again, which means everyone around you will be impacted by the sudden surge in your motivation and performance.

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4. Testogen – Proven Formula


  • Natural, safe, and verified ingredient list
  • Shipping is free throughout the globe
  • Naturally boost testosterone levels
  • Enhances energy levels and supports muscle growth
  • You’ll notice enhanced performance and greater vitality 


  • This product is not available in brick and mortar stores, only online 

From all tested testosterone supplements, this is the best testosterone booster supplement, it is packed with heavy hitting ingredients. The formula includes D-aspartic acid along with zinc and fenugreek to thwart the side effects associated with low testosterone levels. Even if you’ve been noticing side effects develop over years, you’ll be able to boost testosterone levels by an amazing 42 percent and the best part is that it takes less than two weeks to see this massive change. Zinc is a trusted ingredient that helps to keep your testosterone levels thriving and fenugreek alerts your body that it’s time to raise your natural testosterone levels. You get support from the moment you start taking the supplement, into the critical two-week period, and all the way through the weeks and months you continue with the product. 

Testogen is widely recognized, not just because their product is changing the lives of men, but also because of how much care they put into creating the ideal formula. From the start, they’ve created their highly regarded formula in a GMP certified facility, using only FDA approved ingredients. Instead of throwing together a product without much thought, their process demonstrated their commitment to your betterment through improved testosterone levels. They are also incredibly transparent, sharing their formula with their customers and providing the best dosages for optimal results.

If your testosterone levels aren’t where they used to be, you’re in good company. Men experience these changes after they turn 30, some in a more accelerated fashion. The point is, every man experiences some of these side effects but they’re not often talked about in open discourse. If you don’t prioritize getting your testosterone levels up, you start to experience uncomfortable changes that impact your confidence and how you engage with others. Whether you’re single or married, having a strong sex drive is a part of the commitment you make with your partner. When this level of intimacy is no longer present, your entire relationship changes, just as your relationship with yourself changes. 

It’s one thing to face a slow period due to life circumstances, like the high stress of a fast-paced career or the grief that comes through when you lose a loved one. But if your sex drive has been decreasing and you haven’t experienced life-altering changes in your day-to-day, it’s time you reignite the passion with your partner. Same with your workouts. If you’ve been feeling out of sorts, depressed, and the workouts that used to revitalize you feel like a total drag, it’s about that time to take the next step in your health regimen through increased testosterone levels. 

Getting your drive back can be simple when you use a supplement that reverses symptoms of low testosterone levels. You get complete support with a safe and natural list of ingredients backed by clinical studies, and all you need are four capsules per day. Get your muscle mass on track, lose that stubborn fat that’s been sticking around too long, and experience greater energy and performance – in the bedroom, at the gym, and at work! 

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What Are Testosterone Boosters?

Natural testosterone boosters are supplementary ingredients that are used specifically for increasing your T levels. This could be a medication prescribed by your doctor or it could be a natural supplement that uses a few key ingredients to support your body’s health. Testosterone is a hormone that your body requires to accomplish several crucial functions, like facial hair growth, muscle growth, a deep voice, and all other traits associated with masculinity, including a strong sex drive and penis and testicle growth. 

Testosterone may be boosted via different products, medications, or procedures, including:

  • Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT)

This is an androgen replacement treatment that replaces the testosterone in your body. This type of therapy must be completed with medical supervision. It can incorporate several methods, including the following:

  • Testosterone Injectables

This type of testosterone is injected directly into the body and must be completed based on your doctor’s recommendations. This route includes injections that are administered monthly or bi-weekly. 

  • Transdermal Testosterone

This kind of testosterone is administered via patches or gels that are applied to your skin and absorbed into your body. They are available in different strengths and dosage is dependent on your current hormone levels. 

  • Testosterone Capsules Taken Orally

This type of therapy includes FDA approved capsules that treat low T levels due to identified medical conditions. If you are experiencing low T levels due to aging, this is not a recommended route to treatment, as it could cause severe health issues, including cardiovascular trouble. 

Though these options exist, not every man is recommended these therapies or even wants to take them due to the possibility of dangerous side effects. That’s why many men turn to a natural testosterone booster, which includes specially formulated ingredients that positively impact their health. Some of the top ingredients you’ll find in the best testosterone boosters include:

  • D-Aspartic Acid 

This is an amino acid that helps to boost testosterone in just under two weeks. It helps with promoting the production of luteinizing hormone in your pituitary gland. Once activated, your testes receive the message that it’s time to release testosterone. When your body receives this vital ingredient, your testosterone production naturally increases to bring you back to life. 

  • Fenugreek Extract

This ingredient, much like D-aspartic acid, also works to boost testosterone in just 12 days. Fenugreek introduces furostanolic saponins, which are compounds believed to support increased T levels. They act as a hindrance to the enzymes that convert your precious testosterone into estrogen. Aside from helping to block estrogen production, fenugreek is also known to increase your libido and your strength and deliver higher energy levels that support a good mood. 

  • Korean Red Ginseng

This is a miracle working ingredient because it increases your sex drive. It’s a wildly popular medicinal herb that’s been studied extensively for the way it enhances T levels naturally. 

Signs of Low Testosterone

When your testosterone levels are low, you will experience a range of different symptoms, including:

  • Lowered sex drive and difficulty with your erection 
  • Changes in your semen volume (decreased volume) 
  • Hair loss 
  • Exhaustion and fatigue, despite a regular sleep schedule 
  • Loss of muscle mass along with increased body fat 
  • Change in your mood, including depression 
  • Changes to your cognitive function, including affected recall 
  • A decrease in the size of your testicles

How Testosterone Booster Supplements Can Benefit You

The Best Testosterone booster works to help bump up your T levels, so you don’t have to deal with any of the side effects associated with low testosterone. They serve to activate your testosterone production, which is the vital hormone that keeps you looking and feeling like a man.

Getting older doesn’t mean you have to deal with any of the symptoms of low T. Instead, choose one of the natural testosterone boosters that puts you right back on track where you used to be.

This sex hormone is vital for many of your body’s functions. One of the most notable is your sex drive. If you’ve observed that you’re just not as interested in sex as before and it’s become more of a pastime than an integral aspect of your life, you may be suffering from the effects of low testosterone. Similarly, if you’ve noticed that what used to be a near effortless toned body has become softer, with a beer belly that won’t quit – these could also be the effects of low testosterone. It’s no secret that as you age, your body changes but you don’t need to just take a seat and let it happen. 

Your lean muscle mass and fat distribution are affected by your natural testosterone levels too. When you’re in your twenties, you don’t even think about testosterone levels because for most of you, it’s running powerfully through your body. After age 30, you may notice the changes and try to adapt with extra hours at the gym, changes to your diet, and different kinds of supplements. If that’s you, you’re on the right track. 

What to Look for in Testosterone Supplements

When deciding on the right testosterone boosting supplement for you, make sure that you’re taking a critical eye to the ingredient list. You want to see ingredients like vitamin D3, D-aspartic acid, fenugreek, and ginseng. When these ingredients are combined, they tackle every aspect of the side effects you face when you have low T. 

They help to increase the production of testosterone naturally, they help you build lean muscle mass and they help you lose body fat in the process. Additionally, they tackle one of the most important aspects of your healthy, fulfilled relationship: your sex drive! Enjoy improved erection quality and an overall higher desire for sex and intimacy.

Along with ensuring that the supplement you choose has high quality ingredients, there are a couple of other pieces of information that can help you get a well-rounded perspective on the brand you’re interested in. 

Look at their customer reviews, for example. Sometimes customers include before and after photos. These give you a good indication that these testosterone boosting supplements work. Also look at the company’s overall reputation. Buying from a well-known, reputable supplier is the best way to go about ensuring you’re consuming safe, tested products.

Possible Side-Effects

When you’re taking a natural testosterone booster, it means the ingredients have been tested by a third-party lab and also have clinical studies that back the use of them for a particular purpose. If you are purchasing back-alley products, you could be dealing with a slew of side effects that cause more damage than anything.

So long as you’re purchasing safe products, you’ll notice that there are not many side effects for you to expect. It’s important you understand that testosterone boosting supplements do have some side effects for the long term, which is why it’s important that you never take more than the recommended dose and that you discontinue use if you experience any kind of unpleasant side effect.

Some side effects you may notice are an increase in the oiliness of your skin, which may cause some acne breakouts. You may also notice that you are retaining fluid and that your body hair increases. Though these side effects are minor, you should be aware of what you can expect once you start taking one of these testosterone booster supplements.


How is it that men older than you seem to be more resilient, with more sustained energy, lean muscle mass, and confidence that increases their magnetism? What do they know that you don’t? And how do you get to that level? The truth is your body may not be producing enough testosterone. Unless you’re willing to ask the question “why are they and not me?”, you may continue to experience the many detrimental effects that come with low testosterone. 

The Best Testosterone booster supplements can completely change your quality of life. What are you waiting for? Now that you have the information you need to make a solid decision, don’t let us keep you. Choose the product that speaks to you and order without wasting any more time!