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Bmore Social: Baltimore Kinetic Sculpture Race

A visual recap of the AVAM's annual race of human powered works of art.
By Sloane Brown

American Visionary Art Museum’s Baltimore Kinetic Sculpture Race
May 4, 2024
9:30 a.m.–5 p.m.

No way was Mother Nature going to rain on the American Visionary Art Museum’s parade—more commonly known as the Kinetic Sculpture Race.

On-and-off showers couldn’t dampen the spirits of those preparing to operate 24 human-made sculptures as they gathered at the Key Highway museum for the send-off ceremony—which included a serenade by the Baltimore Men’s Chorus. Nor did it halt the day-long competition, the first leg of which involved wheeling around the Inner Harbor to Canton, where the vehicles had to go from land to water to prove their seaworthiness.

Then, it was up to Patterson Park to face the day’s final challenge—mucking through mud pits. The continuing precipitation also didn’t seem to hinder the participation of some 2,500 spectators cheering the contestants along the route.

Seventeen awards were handed out at the end of the afternoon to winners in a variety of categories.

Left to right: Casey Merbler, Anthesis Group senior client discovery associatte; Cindy Conklin, Monument Sotheby’s International realtor
Left to right: Dr. Adnan Khera, anesthesiologist; Mitch Anastasio, engineer; Farhan Khera, Huge Inc. product manager; Domenic T., logistician
Left to right: Margaret Bicek, retired Minnesota teacher; Liz Bayer, StrongMinds advocacy director; Sean Sutherland, idfive director of marketing
Left to right: Ellen Yancich, retired RN; Gillian Kraeuter, full-time mom of 3; Mina Kraeuter, 11; Nick Yancich, retired CFO
Left to right: Sonal Jindal, 11; Dr. Anjana Jindal, Glaucoma Consultants opthalmologist; Raina Jindal, 8
Left to right: Montgomery County Public School teachers/CONEstoga Creamers team members: Kerri Galloway; Ailish Zompa
Left to right: Adam Levine, Illumina mechanical engineer; Kate Levine, Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center RN
Left to right: Kendall Murphy, NASA writer; Katie Schauer, NASA strategic communications lead cheering their Goddard Space Flight Center colleagues on “The Waters {sic] Art Museum” mobile
Left to right: Rebecca Hoffberger, American Visionary Art Museum founder/artistic director; Joe Wall, “Sister Euphonia Oblivion”