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Bmore Social: ‘Creative Freedom’ Reception at Chesapeake Arts Center

A visual recap of the Black History Month exhibition at the Brooklyn Park arts hub.
By Sloane Brown

Creative Freedom: Celebrating Black History Month
February 22, 2024
6–8 p.m.

Chesapeake Arts Center

In honor of Black History Month, Brooklyn Park’s Chesapeake Arts Center unveiled its new exhibition Creative Freedom: Celebrating Black History Month, showcasing the work of Black artists in Maryland whose specialties span from visual art to music, activism, performance, and more.

At a brief program and reception last week, many of the artists themselves were on hand to share background about themselves and their work. Guests had the opportunity to meet and mingle with the artists while enjoying eats and drinks.

Left to right: Hailey Jordan, exhibiting artist (artwork to her left); Hana Hasan, Johns Hopkins University director of off-campus housing; Kymari Graham, associate director of benefits
Left to right: Stephfea Jackson, exhibiting artist (artwork to her left); Naomi-Sage Blevins, 7; Mya-Rose Blevins, 9; Anne-Sarra Blevins, Anne Arundel County Police GIS analyst
Left to right: Richard Nuñez, U.S. Army Sargeant First Class; Jeannette Nuñez Arts Council of Anne Arundel County board member; Kayla Turner, 6; Lauren J. Turner, exhibiting artist (artwork on her right)
Left to right: VILLAGER, exhibiting artist (artwork behind him); Shane Cromwell, digital content producer; Kehinde Applewhite, exhibiting artist (artwork to her right); Hannah Shaw, Wide Angle Youth Media communications manager
Left to right: Gary A. Mullen, exhibiting artist (artwork to his left); Donna Anderson, Chesapeake Arts Center executive director; Amanda Morell, Maryland Citizens for the Arts deputy director
Left to right: Faith McCorkle and sister Hope McCorkle, Twin Artists Collaborative/exhibiting artists (in front of their artwork)
Left to right: Jovan Bethel, exhibiting artist; Murjoni Merriweather, sculptor; K’aree Tsalagi, textile artist; Taylor Blackwell, aspiring artist
Left to right: Raba Abro, photographer; Ken Williamson, DJ