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Bmore Social: Spring Fairy Ball

A visual recap of the evening of fun and fantasy benefitting the Ocean Renaissance Foundation.
By Sloane Brown

Spring Fairy Ball
March 23, 2024
7–11:45 p.m.
Westminster Hall 

Hearts (and wings) were aflutter as more than 200 guests—who “flew” the extra mile with mythological costumes and their own faerie character names—descended on Westminster Hall for an evening of fun and fantasy last weekend. 

“Why do we do faeries?” said Nina Amaya, who started the annual event in 2015 and has been organizing it since. “Because after people meet their basic needs of food, safety, and shelter, they need flowers and love and imaginative fun.”

After an evening of dancing, dining, crowning a new king and queen, and even a little shopping, all of the guests also left with a feeling of having done good—with the evening’s proceeds benefitting the Ocean Renaissance Foundation.  

Left to right: Connie Lloyd, “Queen Kyani”; Chris Lloyd, “King Hamish”; Erin Childers, “Princess Mazikeen”
Left to right: Scott Daniels, “Vlog Elf Killa the Orc”; Nina Amaya, event organizer/“Power Behind the Thrones/Kingmaker”; Laury Jackson, “Queen Amonet Ara/Leader of the Ranruk People/Dancer of The Sugar Moon”; Chris Sweitzer, “Pan”
Left to right: “Aubergine Faeries Troupe”: Amy January; Jen Ajello; Talon Kolarz; Annabelle Bakrt; Christina Bahrt; Lilliana Bahrt; Illya Riddell; Jeanne Gary; Zoie Kissinger
Left to right: Alexis McClary, “Black Opal the Dragon”; Myanna Brooks, “Faerie Red Delicious”
Left to right: Chloe O’Dell, “Amarantha”; Katie Willett, “Apothekerry”
Left to right: Jae Johnson-McCoy, “Aye, Intergalactic Faerie”; Tim Johnson-McCoy, “Epoc, Father of the Druids from Earth 3.5”
Left to right: Janis Doss, “Honey LaBuzz, Faerie Dancer”; Monelle Little, “Orchid, Faerie Dancer”
Left to right: Jason Morgan, “Baron Caprion”; Charlie Flournoy, “Lady Magnolia Fae”
Left to right: Ali Resch, “Orchidaceae The Faerie”; Sa’ida Harris, “Sa’ida Alaziz Faerie”
Left to right: Cat Eicke, “Cat Le Fey”/past faerie queen; Ken Crampton, “Mayor King jack Scattersum”/past king; Jack Goembel, “Crunchbacca, Hippiewookiekin”