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From Farm to Your Door

Support sustainability and the fight to end hunger with fresh produce delivered right to your door.

For those who dread going to the grocery store or are tired of eating the same thing all the time, Hungry Harvest is just the fix. Not only is it less expensive than grocery-store produce, it’s also higher quality. With its ever-changing products, it will make you try new fruits and veggies and mix up your regular recipes. The box included three heads of broccoli, a bunch of asparagus, red potatoes, a large head of romaine lettuce, three squash, three pears, and two blood oranges. Not bad for just $15.

Meet the conscious company changing the traditional food system while eliminating food waste and working to end hunger. Hungry Harvest, headquartered in Baltimore City, delivers sustainable, cost-efficient produce and other grocery items right to your door each week. Their boxes are completely customizable to fit your needs, with options to feed one person up to a group of five. Plus, you can select weekly add-ons from their marketplace, such as dairy and bakery products, so you can nix or limit your grocery-store visits. To fully immerse in the Hungry Harvest experience, we tested out their services and ate healthy for the week.

To sum up the experience, it was an easy contact-free delivery, affordable, sustainable, and—most importantly—tasty. Who doesn’t enjoy delicious convenience?

Designed with the Community in Mind

With every box delivered, Hungry Harvest gets boxes in the hands of those in need. Since food insecurity is one of the many troubles exacerbated by the pandemic, Hungry Harvest shifted their traditional model to an emergency-box model, donating more than 50,000 boxes to those in need in the Baltimore area. They’ve also partnered with local organizations like the University of Maryland Medical System and the YMCA of Central Maryland to distribute produce in 15 locations across the region. On top of feeding food-insecure communities, Hungry Harvest is encouraging healthy eating. Their good deeds are market-specific—partnering with hunger-focused philanthropies in different communities and distributing boxes along the East Coast to aid in the fight against hunger.

No Produce Left Behind

According to Hungry Harvest, “Every year, 40 percent of food goes to waste in this country. Twenty billion pounds of that is produce that’s lost before it ever leaves the farm.” Their solution? Rescuing produce. By collecting food that is deemed imperfect (i.e. incorrect size, weight, color, etc.), saving unused product from a surplus or overproduction of a harvest, and working with wholesalers who either overpurchased or disapproved of the product, Hungry Harvest has prevented millions of pounds of perfectly edible produce from going to waste.

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