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Tinkler Law LLC

(410) 814-7511

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Specialty | Elder Law | Trusts/Estates/Wills

Tinkler Law LLC is a local Elder Law Firm. We stand apart because we are one of the only law firms in the USA will multiple full-time care managers.
Our goal is to handle the legal side of things while allowing you to focus on yourself and your family.

We know that it is important to leave behind a legacy of your traditions and memories. So, we help you document the things that you feel are important to preserve when you are gone, such as pictures, videos, recipes, routines, and other family traditions. And just as importantly, we help our clients protect their assets from costs associated with medical care, nursing-home stays, and caring for loved one’s with special needs.

These are a few things we have in place for our own families, and that is what we will work with you to create for your loved ones. Visit Website