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Gilman School

5407 Roland Ave, Baltimore, MD, 21210


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Affiliations | Nonsectarian

Enrollments | 1001-2000

Genders | All Boys

Levels | Elementary School | High School | Middle School | Preschool

Gilman is a pre-k through grade 12 independent all-boys school located in the Roland Park neighborhood of Baltimore. Known for its dedication to educating boys in mind, body, and spirit with an eye toward growing boys into men of character, Gilman understands how boys learn best and celebrates each one on his individual journey. With an unmatched academic rigor, a strong athletic program that emphasizes both skill and sportsmanship, and a myriad of artistic opportunities, Gilman strives to unlock the greatness in each boy in a diverse and inclusive community. The pursuit of excellence begins at Gilman.

Gilman School
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