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Sweet Bee Services provides the justice-focused, trauma-informed, family-centered care every human inherently deserves. We take time to curate personalized, informed experiences for clients no matter the services they receive. Through spending 6 to 9 months with clients, we get to know them as individuals & within their community. Our model of care is unique to a doula agency: we offer premier, holistic care for the birthing person’s mind, body, & emotions that integrates their personal and communal well-being to end maternal mortality. We see the difference our care offers because upwards of 83% of our clients experience high-risk pregnancies. Whether facing pre-eclampsia, emergency c-sections, infant loss, extended NICU stays or postpartum depression, our clients and their babies are coming home and staying alive.

We believe our model of focusing care on the needs of clients and their partners and children, incorporating physical therapy and strategic nutritional support, in addition to the education and emotional support our doulas offer, makes a tremendous difference. We call it the Sweet Bee difference.

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