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Hersh’s Launches “Pizza for President” Campaign Leading up to Election Day

In a society of conflicting viewpoints, pizza is one thing we can all agree on.

The motto at Hersh’s Pizza and Drinks has always been “Pizza for President,” but this election season, it’s been given new meaning.

“What better way to run this country?” says executive chef Josh Hershkovitz—who co-owns Hersh’s alongside his sister, Stephanie—with a laugh. “There are such high levels of dissatisfaction on both sides, so it’s amusing to bring some levity to it. We’re all about humor and deliciousness.”

The Riverside restaurant’s official slogan—something Josh spontaneously came up with when Hersh’s opened in 2011—is hand-painted on a repurposed post office window that hangs behind the bar, and serves as the inspiration behind the restaurant’s first-ever create-your-own pizza contest, which the owners are launching in conjunction with election season.

Starting today, customers can submit their ideas for Hersh’s next signature pie by tagging the restaurant on social media or sending them an email. Josh and Stephanie say that, though there aren’t any specific guidelines when it comes to cheeses and toppings, the ingredients should somewhat mirror the restaurant’s overall ethos—which favors locally sourced products and authentic Italian flavors.

The winning pie will be announced on Election Day, November 8, and added to Hersh’s menu throughout election week. The prized pizza producer will be treated to one free pie per week through Inauguration Day.

“People definitely have their own opinions and mention to us which pizzas they think we should take off the menu, or switch up or bring back,” Stephanie says. “This is just a really fun way for us to engage with our customers.”

Above all, the owners want to encourage diners to get creative—whether that means giving the pizza a witty name or using ingredients inspired by one of the candidates. (Sriracha for Hillary Clinton? Fries for Donald Trump?)

Humor aside, Josh and Stephanie hope that the contest will get people thinking about the future of our country.

“Josh and I are both super obsessed with the news and politics,” Stephanie says. “And while we don’t want to get political as business owners, we want to encourage people to vote. We like to have that voice. There are a lot of ways to use your business for social good.”