Food & Drink

Common Ground

Whether it’s served black, au lait, or in a diner mug, coffee is essential to get us moving and warm us up on a cold winter day.

1. Saucer plate ($6) at Su Casa. 2. Cafe creamer ($5.25) at Trohv. 3. Linen napkin ($39.95/set of four) at Williams-Sonoma. Seletti porcelain tray ($24.50) at Trohv. Vintage flatware ($5.50/set) at Trohv. 4. Allen Cady walnut board ($49-89) at Trohv. 5. Sugar bowl ($5) at Trohv. 6. John Kelly dark chocolate espresso fudge bars ($3.99/each) at Ma Petite Shoe. 7. Water glasses ($8/each) at Trohv. 8. Bialetti Moka Express 6-Cup ($34.99) at Target. 9. Tea light holders ($6.50/each) at The Store Ltd. 10. Saucer plate ($6) at Su Casa. 11. Amola smoky espresso salt ($13.25) at In Watermelon Sugar. Small bowl ($27.50) at In Watermelon Sugar. 12. Slate platter ($6) at Su Casa. Ticket chocolate waffle pecan bar ($6.49) and Midnight Mocha Chocolate Fusion organic dark chocolate bar ($3.79) at Ma Petite Shoe. 13. Sterling silver sugar nips ($85) at Charlotte Elliott. Abbesses plate ($8) at Trohv. 14. Linen napkin ($9.95) at Williams-Sonoma. Wooden spoons ($19.95/set of four), horn spoon ($7.99), and shell spoon ($8.99) at Curiosity. Coffee and cookies courtesy of Ma Petite Shoe.