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Baltimore-based meal service strives to get people back around the dinner table.

“It all started with a baby,” says Michael McDevitt, entrepreneur and founder of Baltimore-based startup Terra’s Kitchen.

Shortly after learning he was becoming a father, McDevitt, who has an extensive background in health and nutrition, began thinking about the importance of the family meal. So he decided to tap into the meal delivery market, with a local and sustainable twist.

“It’s not about paint by numbers cooking, it’s about getting families around the table,” says McDevitt of the ethically farmed, pre-prepped ingredients Terra’s Kitchen delivers straight to your door in a climate-controlled, reusable vessel.

Subscribers create an online profile where they may choose from more than 40 beautifully crafted meals to put together in addition to a selection of a la carte options. Meals can be customized to fit a variety of nutritional needs, including vegetarian, gluten free, and paleo.

Terra’s Kitchen also endeavors to introduce people to local venders, like Tessamae’s and Salazon Chocolate.

“We have partners throughout the state that have values that are aligned with ours,” says McDevitt. “They’re all about making a change and making a better community.”

McDevitt believes meal prep gives people a changed perspective on food and more confidence when it comes to making healthy decisions.

“We’re trying to create a better world, and it’s totally achievable because it’s just about getting people to eat dinner together,” says McDevitt. “That’s what I’m most excited about—that and the lamb rigatoni.”