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Boutique studios combine fitness and community in Baltimore.

You’ve done everything right—bought the fancy gym membership, ditched the junk food, and gotten your hands on the latest Under Armour gear. Then, a few weeks go by, you lose some steam, and the call of the elliptical machine and free-weights grows fainter.

But what if you had a class of friends waiting for you? A group of people who encourage you and hold you accountable? That’s the idea behind boutique fitness, the latest craze to hit the workout circuit. These specialty gyms offer a more personalized approach to exercise in a more intimate setting. Classes are small and range from more familiar activities like barre, yoga, and spin, to niche routines like belly dancing, surfboard workouts, and Krav Maga.

Once you’ve figured out which classes work best for you, the social aspect of these specialty spaces is undeniable—your workouts become less about burning calories and more about building relationships. “Boutique fitness speaks to the way our society is going,” says Kate Rowe, an instructor at Beachfit. “People want something that speaks to them specifically. The big-box gyms are great because they offer a ton of options, but smaller places offer you an opportunity to find that one thing you really love and hone in on it.” Here are 20 boutique fitness studios worth exploring.


If you find yourself easily bored with your workouts, then 9Round may be the place for you. With nine different exercise stations—hence the name—the 30-minute workout will keep you moving with interval, cardiovascular, and kickboxing fitness stations that change daily. But don’t fret if you are not an exercise pro—all fitness levels are welcome. A trainer will always be close by to demonstrate new routines and make sure you are getting the most out of your workout. Fit Bit: The great thing about 9Round is that there are no class times. Show up at your convenience, as a new circuit starts every three minutes. 3713 Boston St., 443-743-3832

Asana Roots Community Yoga Studio

Slightly hidden in the heart of the Station North Arts & Entertainment District between foodie favorites Colette and Pen & Quill, you’ll find this serene space. If its exposed brick, natural light, and high ceilings don’t immediately send you into a state of nirvana, one of the many yoga options or belly dance sessions will surely do the trick. Looking to make a new friend? Try one of the popular acroyoga classes during which you will achieve poses you never thought possible, with the help of fellow classmates. Fit Bit: All classes at Asana Roots are $10—now that’s a steal! 1707 N. Charles St., Suite 201, 443-305-9642

Baltimore Yoga Village

Located in a historic mill, this yoga haven is sure to make your inner HGTV goddess giddy. With its brick walls, sliding barn doors, and airy space, it creates the ideal spot for every yogi. Here, instructors believe in making yoga accessible to all, no matter your age or skill level. Included are weekly classes in meditation and pranayama—the formal practice of controlling your breathing. Fit Bit: Each session focuses solely on you and your personal growth, rather than competition with peers. There is also free parking, which we all know is a major plus. Two locations, including 3000 Chestnut Ave., #15, 410-662-8626


As the popularity of barre grew in trend-meccas New York and California, partners Aimee Fulchino, Kara Bennett, and Marni Gorman took notice and opened the very first stand-alone barre-specific studio in Maryland in 2011. The trio runs the Quarry Lake-side boutique in Wellwood and, together, they create an atmosphere where clients can escape from the chaos of everyday life and into the world of high-intensity, core-friendly yogabarre and powerbarre. Fit Bit: The studio puts an emphasis on modifications so that each move is performed correctly and safely. 2586 Quarry Lake Drive, 410-486-8480


Lara Custer helms this Timonium studio of full-body barre and mat Pilates classes that will leave you slick with sweat, wobbly-legged, and smiling. The recently renovated, modest flagship studio provides an intimate and encouraging environment where you can feel free to move at your own pace. “A lot of people are intimidated at first to come in, but they feel welcome right off the bat just from our instructors and the vibe from everyone else in the studio,” says Custer. Fit Bit: With a second Ocean City location unveiled last May, you now have no excuse to not work out on vacation. 2300 York Road, #203, 443-509-0277

Beachfit Baltimore

When Beachfit opened in Harbor East two years ago, it was definitely aimed at the surfboard-inclined. The studio introduced Baltimore to Surfset, an interval training technique in which students engage their core on a stationary board. Since then, Beachfit’s bright blue walls have expanded both in offerings and in space, doubling in size just last year. Now, the studio offers nearly 10 classes including boot camp, cycling, TRX, and barre. Beachfit prides itself on classes of fewer than 15 people. “As an instructor, I can clearly see what each student is doing and how I can help them improve,” says Kate Rowe, who teaches surf camp. “We’ve become like a little family.” Fit Bit: If you play your cards right, you might even get a treat—whether it’s salads from nearby Sweetgreen, to-go waffles on the weekends, or a champagne toast after morning cycling. 1400 Aliceanna St., 410-753-4354

BeMore Boot Camp

Any time the word “boot camp” is involved, you know you’re about to break a sweat. From burpees and sprints to squats and TRX, these 50-minute burn sessions change up weekly to keep you on your toes. But not to worry—you’ll feel right at home with the high-fives and positive vibes given out by fellow attendees. “This is for everyone. It is simple and aggressive and challenging, but it’s for anyone who wants results,” says owner Casey Musick. Fit Bit: BeMore Boot camp takes your results very seriously. In fact, if you don’t see any results, you’ll be completely refunded. Now that’s an offer we can’t refuse. 3100 Boston St., 410-979-5646

Bikram Yoga Baltimore

Feel the heat at this specialty yoga studio in Cockeysville. Devotees of hot yoga spend 90 minutes sweating it out with a set of 26 specific poses in a room heated up to 105 degrees. Sound awful? We promise it’s not. In fact, the heat helps to loosen muscles, deepen stretches, and massage internal organs, while the immense amount of sweating rids your body of toxins. You’ll walk out of class feeling like you’ve just completed a juice cleanse. Fit Bit: Bring a towel to put on top of your yoga mat to prevent unwanted slipping and sliding. 40 Cranbrook Road, Cockeysville, 410-683-9642

Charles St. Barre

This midtown mainstay, once known as Pop Physique, is undergoing a bit of a makeover. But not to worry—all the muscle-shaking intensity and dancer-like grace remain in this high-ceilinged spot, where twinkling chandeliers will make you feel like a member of the corps de ballet. And that’s by design—even the class routines are set to music, choreography-style. Says General Manager Kim Quinn, “Most women have a little ballerina inside of them.” Fit Bit: The studio’s re-vamp kicks off with two new classes—a barre stretching class to give you those long, lean dancer muscles, and a cardio dance and yoga class that will make you feel like you’ve scored a part in Flashdance. 339 N. Charles St., 443-869-0498

CorePower Yoga Federal Hill

Though we may be biased, we think that out of 160 CorePower Yoga studios nationwide, the Federal Hill location is one of the most beautiful. In addition to the natural light that pours through its large windows and the updated, modern design, this yoga destination challenges guests to push through physical boundaries and channel emotion into energy. As a bonus, this studio, which offers a variety of classes for both the beginner and experienced yogi, is equipped with a retail shop stocked with everything from workout attire to yoga mats and essential oils. Fit Bit: For some added intensity to your everyday yoga grind, the Federal Hill has a Yoga Sculpt class that combines free-weights with yoga and cardio to strengthen muscles and sweat out those toxins. 1420 Key Hwy., Suite 201, 443-707-2230

The Dailey Method Towson

This bright and colorful cross-training center is ideal for workout aficionados of every age, experience level, and body type. With a unique focus on alignment and form, this studio offers a variety of classes from restorative yoga and barre to cycle 45—a 45-minute, spirit-lifting spin class that is sure to make you sweat. Says owner Melanie Pipkin Kozel, “If you’re intimidated by fitness you can be sure to find a nice, supportive community here.” And when it comes to working out, there’s just nothing better than that. Fit Bit: In the spirit of maintaining a fitness destination for all, The Dailey Method features a charming child-care center that offers services during popular class times, giving on-the-go parents an opportunity to focus on their workouts. 1220 East Joppa Road, Towson, 410-938-8925

Fitness All

Inline Fitness

When Heather Kirk was in business school at the University of Baltimore, she met her now-husband, Josh, who owned Inline’s private training studio. “I came up with the idea to open a group class studio as a school project,” Heather says. “And my husband jumped onboard.” Today, Inline has four locations with private training, group fitness, and two barre studios. Inline’s spaces feel like tranquil dance studios, with lightly stained woods and mirrored walls, but the classes—especially HIIT + Core and kickboxing—are high-energy and total-body focused. Fit Bit: Inline also offers healthy meal planning to its clients in a four- or six-week program called Evolution. Various locations, including 720 S. Montford Ave., 410-940-9601

Krav Maga Maryland

Intimidated by the prospect of Krav Maga? Once you walk into Krav Maga Maryland, any fear you have will slip away. The studio, which opened in 2005, is full of smiling, sweaty—and we mean sweaty—faces, and the staff’s nationally certified instructors are welcoming and knowledgeable, helping even the most uncoordinated with their form. Start your Krav journey with the Level 1 course during which you will master your fight stance and hammer fists, and learn how to escape a chokehold, before testing into higher-level classes. Want to make your workout even more well-rounded? Try out any of the numerous strength and conditioning classes, including Thai pads, heavy bag, and mobility training. Fit Bit: Krav Maga Maryland also offers women’s self defense and active shooter seminars to teach the best ways to protect yourself in violent situations. 8865 Stanford Blvd., Suite 141, Columbia, 410-872-9194

M Power Yoga

This bright, modern studio inside the Natty Boh building in Brewers Hill is full of friendly, youthful energy that will serve as motivation to try something new. Sign up for a hot yoga class to receive detoxing benefits, find a spot at the barre for a toning session, or, when the weather outside isn’t frightful, attend a rooftop class with gorgeous views. What also makes M Power unique is its emphasis on music. Founders, and brothers, Jason and Joel Herd are musicians themselves, and classes often feature live guitar. Fit Bit: Go deep inside your yoga practice and attend a restorative class with musical accompaniment. Soft, soothing tunes allow you to sink further into those hip openers. 3600 O’Donnell St., Suite 100, 410-534-9642

Movement Lab

Everything about this Remington spot shouts outside-the-box and just plain fun—from its sun-drenched location above the soon-to-open R House food hall, complete with a jewel-toned mural of the night sky, to class offerings that include jumping fitness and Nia—a combination of martial arts, dance, and mindfulness. Founder Lola Manekin wanted to re-create the joyful, youthful spirit that inhabits gyms in her native Brazil. “The goal here is to have fun while you move,” she says. Fit Bit: If you’ve ever been curious about anti-gravity yoga—participants flow through poses while suspended from the ceiling by heavy-duty silks—this is the place to try it. You’ll feel weightless and graceful as you float upside down while the sun shines on your face from enormous windows. 301 W. 29th St., 443-388-9191

Pure Barre Baltimore

This new addition to the Baltimore barre scene, which opened in August, will get your muscles working through challenging, low-impact, full-body workouts. From the dimly lit, intimate studio, to upbeat playlists created for each segment, Pure Barre will leave both beginners and veterans feeling stronger after just one 55-minute class. This class is not just for seasoned ballerinas. Instead, the workouts are created with all experience levels in mind, and will leave you sore in muscles you never even knew you had. Fit Bit: This spring, Pure Barre will add Pure Barre Platform to its repertoire—a new, heart-pumping cardio class for those who are seeking to kick their workout up a notch. 2400 Boston St., Suite 104, 443-835-1800

REV Cycle Studio

One step into this sleek, modern spin studio in Locust Point and you immediately feel the positive energy, which hits you like a ton of bricks. With an incredibly friendly staff, comfy lobby—free coffee and Wi-Fi!—and chic individual spa shower rooms, it’s easy to feel right at home. New to spin? Try REV45, the 45-minute cycling class during which the studio is dimly lit and your limits will be tested—with sprints, climbs, and intervals set to the sounds of your instructor’s motivating playlist that will be sure to get you pumped (we’ve never heard them play a bad song). Keep your eyes open for REV’s novelty sessions, which offer everything from different genres of music to holiday themes. We especially loved the Thighs Before Pies class offered on Thanksgiving. Fit Bit: REV recently opened a second studio in Brewers Hill, making it even more convenient to hop in the saddle. 1718 Whetstone Way, 410-727-4738

Sanctuary Bodyworks

This group fitness and private training studio in Fells Point is truly a retreat from the everyday stressors of life. You can tell the space was once a church, with its stained glass windows and high, vaulted ceilings. Barre, yoga, Zumba, and belly dancing are just a few of the classes that will have you leaving refreshed in both body and mind. “It’s not cookie cutter—you’ll see every type of person here,” says instructor Joan Davila. Fit Bit: Unlike other studios where losing weight is the top priority, here they believe in realigning the body first and focusing on health before moving on to that next step. Two locations, including 710 S. Ann St., #210, 443-438-3566

Sunlight and Yoga Holistic Wellness Center

Breaking news: Serenity does exist, and it can be found here. Not just a yoga studio, this wellness center also instructs clients on how to live mindfully and meditate, all within a light-filled, serene space. Their website provides users with tips to supplement classes (such as juicing recipes) so that you can allow the light to shine in every day and in every way. Fit Bit: For clients eager to make yoga a larger part of their lives, the center goes one step further by providing yoga teacher training programs regularly. 4639 Falls Road, 410-243-0492

True Balance

It’s all in a name: At this Mount Vernon wellness hot spot, you can not only strengthen your core (hello, barre), bust a move (Irish dancing, anyone?), and stretch it out (Pilates, please!), but it’s also a place to get a grasp on what it means to be healthy. Owner Ali True Smith and her staff of seven instructors provide a space where the full scope of wellness is emphasized and balance is achieved through by-appointment personal training, massage therapy sessions, and nutrition consultations specific to your needs. Fit Bit: With Balance classes for seniors and Mom & Me Boot Camp for parents, this place is pleasantly inclusive. Two locations, including 1021 Cathedral St., 410-303-2951

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