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Orioles and Royals Exhibit Very Different Sportsmanship

Jeremy Guthrie's T-shirt is just latest example of Royals' bad form.

As if going down 3-0 in the ALCS against the Kansas City Royals wasn’t bad enough, former Oriole Jeremy Guthrie had to rub it in even more with a shirt he wore in a post-game interview last night. 

Guthrie—who pitched for the Orioles for five seasons and established himself as a fan-favorite on and off the field—wore a shirt that said “These O’s Ain’t Royal,” which is a pun on singer Chris Brown’s song “Loyal.” 

The wardrobe choice, which was not just worn in the clubhouse amongst players but on a national post-game broadcast, upset many already downtrodden Orioles fans:

Of course, this is coming after pinch runner Jarrod Dyson’s comments that the Orioles would not return back to Baltimore during the ALCS (admittedly a likely scenario at this point). While showy comments, wardrobe choices, and 
signature dance moves may be the Royals’ style, it’s certainly not ours. Buck Showalter just wouldn’t allow it in his clubhouse.

Guthrie did end up apologizing to Orioles fans, tweeting and then deleting this: “My positive feelings for the Charm City, O’s organization, my former teammates and O’s fans is well documented. Nothing I wore [tonight] changes that.” The tweet he did end up posting said this:

So what do you guys think: Was the shirt an offensive move by a former teammate or are O’s fans overreacting after some tough losses?