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Comfort Clothing

Eco-friendly apparel line is produced in Hampden.

When you ask Nikki Gordon, founder of Hampden-based women’s apparel brand 3Clothing, to describe her line, she’ll reply: “We’ve been calling it ‘yoga chic.’ It’s what you throw on from the studio to the street.”

But is it activewear? “There are enough great brands out there with moisture-wicking, sweat-absorbing material who are dominating the market,” Gordon explains.

For now, she’s focusing on the “casualwear element” but adds that she might make a few functional exercise pieces if the demand is there. Gordon, whose background is in yoga and nutrition, is fairly new to the apparel world, but notes there are parallels between the industries.

“The vision and mission is deeply rooted in healing and preservation, much like the practice of yoga,” she says. “It started because of my love and passion for sewing, which I found to have a meditative and therapeutic effect.”

The line can be found in stores like The Joshua Tree, Jean Pool, Milagro, The Nest Natural Home, and Natural Vibrant Health, and through its website. While she hopes to expand, Gordon plans on keeping the production local.

“As demand grows, we will proceed as planned with our mission to create thousands of [manufacturing] jobs in Baltimore—like there used to be 60 years ago.”