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House of Cards

A selection of local Valentine's Day cards for that someone special in your life.

Roses are red, violets are blue, here is a selection of the best Valentine’s Day cards for . . . that special someone in your life. (Hey, no one said it had to rhyme!)

Ood  House Of  Cards

“Obligatory Valentine’s Day” card ($5) at Row House 14.
One Canoe Two “Valentine Rainbow” card ($5) at Trohv.
Rifle Paper Co. “Boatload of Love” card ($12/set of 10) at Trohv.
Farewell Paperie “Love Fun and Games” card ($5) at Brightside Boutique.
Rifle Paper Co. “To My Valentine” card ($5.25) at Trohv.
Sugar Paper “You’re Hot” card ($5.50) at The Pleasure of Your Company.
Moglea “You Make Me Smile” card ($6) at The Pleasure of Your Company.