Charmed Life

Most Stylish Looks from Artscape 2018

A little rain couldn't stop these festival fashionistas.

I own my homosexuality. I feel like people tell me all the time you don’t look gay, so I try to be as gay as possible. Women’s clothing inspires me. I love Audrey Hepburn, Jackie Kennedy Onassis, and I am a huge Beyoncé fan.” —Dairis Bogues


“I love Artscape because everyone who is different in Baltimore comes together to celebrate art and I love being a part of that. Despite our differences, it really brings Baltimore together.” —Justice Hartley


“I like going on Instagram for style inspiration. I feel like jumpsuits as well as stripes are really in this year and they are great for the summer.” —Chelsea Zou

Artscape Claire Walker

“We were coming to the TLC concert, so I wanted throw it back to the ’90s. I am definitely a ’90s kid, so I love 90s inspired looks. I also love androgynous-inspired looks.” —Claire Walker


I love the culture at Artscape. You see people you wouldn’t normally see cross paths here. I also love how the people here express themselves through art, clothes, and music. —Tracee

My dad is from from Senegal, so my style can be very Afrocentric. I love going outside of the box, and basically going left when everyone is going right. —Bryant


“I love that at Artscape all of the freaks are allowed to come out. I love that everyone is allowed to be here. I’ve been coming since I was 17 years old. I discovered it by accident, but I’ve been coming ever since.

Now that I’m older, I can go full out with my outfit—I can throw on some glitter and wear a bunny backpack if I want to.” —Mana Colter

Artscape Kiersten Patron

“I like to dress for comfort. My shirt only has four buttons and is really lightweight so it’s really easy to wear. I am a fan of Kate Mara’s style and British menswear. I’m really into plain colors and stripes.” —Kiersten Patron