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Road Tripper

We've gathered some local essentials to keep you entertained during your next road trip.
Ood Road Trip

Marvey Le Pen ($2) at Trohv

South and West by Joan Didion ($21) at The Ivy Bookshop

Designworks Ink cactus journal ($14) at Poppy and Stella. 

Treason the Biddle backpack ($125) at Treason Toting Co. 

Bronze water bottle ($24) at Su Casa. 

Bettye Ace sling back pompom slides ($69) at South Moon Under. 

Heart shaped sunglasses ($20) at Brightside Boutique. 

Marvey license plate key chain ($9) at Trohv. 

Ursa Major traveler’s skin care kit ($48) at Trohv. 

Auto Bingo ($2/each) at Shananigans Toy Shop. 

The 3rd Dimension ($7) at Shananigans Toy Shop

Free Play Magnatab ($25) at aMuse Toys. 

Instax Mini 8 ($70) at Service Photo. 

Through the Past Darkly by The Rolling Stones ($20) at The Sound Garden. 

Bobino cord wrap ($6) at Su Casa.