Farmhouse Facelift

Lindsay Buck talks about her Hampden home that she shares with James Prichard.

Lauren Bell - April 2017

Farmhouse Facelift

Lindsay Buck talks about her Hampden home that she shares with James Prichard.

Lauren Bell - April 2017

-Photography by David Colwell

RARE FIND: We were living in the Mill No. 1 but we saw this house listed and we loved it and how unique it was, so we made an offer. 

THE REST IS HISTORY: We only know the history of the property by what we have been told by our neighbor so I am not sure if it is accurate, but the rumor is that our house and our neighbor’s house used to be one home and it was called The Farmhouse on Keswick. Our entry and hall are where a large wraparound porch used to be, which adds an extra 8 feet to the width of the house, making it very distinctive. 

IN THE NEIGHBORHOOD: We love Hampden. You are able to walk to a lot of places and there are very diverse groups of people in this area. It’s nice to not be downtown but to be an Uber ride away, and now that we have Dylan’s Oyster Cellar in the neighborhood we don’t have to go too far. Our other favorite restaurant is Arômes on Chestnut. 

MODERN MIX: Our design aesthetic is contemporary modern mixed with refurbished vintage pieces. We call it Tribeca meets Hampden. 

MOD SQUAD: A lot of our furniture and décor is from James found AllModern while browsing online. There are many items to choose from that fit our more modern style and also that make us think outside the box. Plus, their app is pretty amazing—yet dangerous! 

FURNITURE FACTS: The sofa is from Value City and the coffee table was actually custom-made for us by my friend from high school who is with Free State Millworks. 

PILLOW TALK: I bought the cow pillows from Whitney J Decor on Etsy, the gold and silver sequins pillows from HomeGoods, the black and white sequin one from Amazon, and the colorful pillows from AllModern. I bought the cow pillows to tie in with the cow rug, but overall we love mixing different colors and textures to add perspective and depth. 

PAGE TURNER: We have Christopher Wolf’s screen-printing book, a book from Hartwood Restaurant, which is in Tulum, Mexico, and a book on modern British posters that we got at The Baltimore Museum of Art on the table for friends to flip through when visiting. 

HAVE THE FLOOR: We had the floors here redone because when the house was rehabbed they weren’t done properly and were a really dark mahogany color. So we hired Matt from Matt’s Professional Flooring to come in and redo them, and we decided to go with gray color so you could really see the grains in the flooring. 

QUITE A COMBO: I really love the combination of our chairs and the table together. That was James’ idea and I don’t think I would’ve thought of that combination. He has a really great eye for design, and I am actually quite jealous of that.

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-Photography by David Colwell

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