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Medieval Merriment

Now in its 40th season, the Maryland Renaissance Festival returns for another nine weekends of crafts, feasts, and festivities.

Festival Classics

Sword Swallower Extraordinaire
Is it magic, quick wit, or a combination of the two that allows legendary Johnny Fox to thrill audiences beyond his sword-swallowing abilities? You be the judge.

The Free Lancers
These jousting junkies don their armor and take to their noble steeds for full-contact, action-packed competitions. Believe us or not, it’s real, not staged.

The London Broil
Nothing is planned and anything goes when this charming trio performs a mix of improvisational comedy and team juggling routines.

Shakespeare’s Skum
Whether a true fan or someone who skimmed the plays in high school, these miniplays will have you laughing to the Bard’s most popular works.

New Talents

Douglas Stafford
Mom always says you shouldn’t play with fire, but that doesn’t stop master juggler Douglas Stafford from fiercely throwing flames.

Blades of Death
Sharp knives and tightropes? Don’t miss the Blades of Death daredevil duo.

Erin Jeannier
Think you were good at Hula-Hooping as a kid? Think again, as Erin Jeannier twirls up to six circles at once.

By The Numbers

Renaissance Graph

Food & Drink

Eat like a king
With colossal turkey legs, hot apple dumplings, cheesecake on a stick, and steak on a stake.

Drink like a sailor
With five taverns for filling up on mead, cider, beer, and wine.

>> Maryland Renaissance Festival, weekends Aug. 27-Oct 23, 10 a.m., $8-24, 1821 Crownsville Rd, Annapolis, 410-266-7304.