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Music To Your Gears: Rye Rye, Labtekwon and More

Bikemore, Baltimore's nonprofit bicycling advocacy organization, hosts 2nd annual Druid Hill Park festival.

Maybe before, or maybe after the Toilet Races at Hampdenfest, we’re planning on riding our bikes over to Saturday’s 2nd Annual Music To Your Gears festival at Druid Hill Park.

Sponsored by the Baltimore Bicycling Club, Heavy Seas, Zipcar, Seawall Development Co., Evergreen Health, and Johns Hopkins University, proceeds from the festival benefit Bikemore, Baltimore’s nonprofit bicycling advocacy organization.

This year’s event—running from 4-9 p.m.—features free live performances from Rye Rye, Labtekwon, and Chester Endersby Gwazda, plus food trucks and recreational bicycling through the park. 

Chris Merriam, Bikemore’s executive director, told the Baltimore Sun that last year’s event drew about 1,500 people. Turnout should get a boost this year with Rye Rye, Baltimore’s nationally acclaimed female hip hop artist, on board.

We also need to note that Music To Your Gears coincides with Charm City Cyclocross, the Mid-Atlantic’s premier two-day cyclocross race, this weekend at Druid Hill Park. This is the sixth year that Charm City Cyclocross, which features international pros and top regional cyclists, has been a UCI-sanctioned event. Men’s and women’s races are held both Saturday and Sunday.