Turn Your House Into a Sanctuary With These Locally Made Items

As we continue to spend time at home in hibernation mode, schedule some "me time" with these products.

We’re spending all this time at home, so why are some of us more stressed than ever? Mental health experts say it’s important to periodically unplug, unwind, and check in with ourselves. So, no matter what the stresses—kids, boss, spouse, you name it—schedule some “me time.” Here are a few locally made items to get you started.

TEA: Waxing Kara
In winter, nothing feels quite as comforting as a hot cup of tea. There are several herbs that are rich in antioxidants and provide soothing effects. A fan favorite? Chamomile. Known to promote relaxation and a good night’s sleep, this herb is made even better when blended with other soothing herbs such as spearmint and lemongrass.

BODY OIL: Hey Thanks! Herbal
Looking to nourish and baby your skin? Try body oils. Typically made with essential oils, they absorb much easier than commercial lotions and leave your skin supple and smooth. Ingredients such as sunflower oil are great at locking in moisture, while added oils like St. John’s Wort are known to reduce inflammation and soothe tense nerves.

It starts from within. Getting your daily dose of essential nutrients is key to feeling good. A simple way to ensure you’re getting all you need? A delicious fresh-pressed juice. Check out your options, as different concoctions can address different health needs. For example, a mix of lemon and ginger, a natural source of antioxidants, can help to keep your immune system running smoothly.

FACE MASK: Mount Royal Soap Co.
What’s a self-care ritual without a face mask? A clay mask is great to clean, hydrate, and refresh the skin for optimal texture and tone. To get a deep but gentle cleanse, kaolin clay will be your go-to when soothing winter skin, while added natural oils such as rosehip and pumpkin seed can reduce redness and soften your complexion.