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More Than Makeup

A local makeup artist hosts an online program for advancing beauty careers.

Back when she was working as a financial analyst at Morgan Stanley 11 years ago, Jamaya Moore attended a friend’s modeling session and was hooked on how the makeup artist gave the models a confidence boost by simply applying a fresh face. She enrolled in local webinars and classes to learn about the cosmetics industry and has gone on to work as a makeup artist for big-name clients such as Under Armour, MTV, Dior, and NBCUniversal. (Check out her handiwork on this month’s cover.)

In 2015, after noticing that her clients and other makeup artists were coming to her with questions about building a business, Moore started Pretty Much Academy (PMA) as an online course that gives budding makeup artists a platform to learn and grow together.

“The program is bigger than just makeup,” says Moore. “It creates a strong community for women who are trying to discover or rediscover themselves.”

Since then, the customizable program has evolved into a one-month online subscription that includes one-on-one sessions with Moore as well as access to lessons such as goal-setting, developing client relationships, and contracts. Through the networking app Mighty Networks, PMA participants can access makeup trainings, get industry news, and connect with other members.

“The community fostered by Ms. Jamaya has allowed [my fellow PMA artists and me] to talk, bounce ideas off of each other, practice techniques, and discuss business plans—things that are normally taboo to discuss with other artists but essential to growing your brand,” says Perryn Morris, a former PMA participant.

Going forward, Moore says she wants to extend her reach to young women working to break into the cosmetics industry and hold PMA conferences to bring women together and utilize their power.

“PMA is a platform for us to connect, collaborate, grow, and help each other with learning about the beauty industry and enhancing your brand,” says Moore. “Whether you’re a professional or an everyday woman, these things are intertwined. It’s [more] than a makeup lesson.”