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Family Meal Gets Ready For End-of-Year Opening

Construction gets underway at Top Chef Bryan Voltaggio's latest venture.

Fans of Top Chef runner-up Bryan Voltaggio should get set for the opening of Family Meal at Pier 4 on the Inner Harbor, as construction of the family-friendly, comfort-food restaurant gets underway.

Family Meal is slated for opening in mid- to late-December of this year. 

Voltaggio already owns a Family Meal in Frederick and is busy opening additional restaurants in Richmond, VA, and Ashland, VA, but the Baltimore location will be the first to open of the three.

“I had no idea it would happen this fast,” says Voltaggio, who also opened Aggio in Power Plant Live! this summer. “I had spoken with the Cordish Company about new opportunities in Baltimore, but I didn’t know that waterfront property would become available—it happened so fast. The location is fantastic. It’s boot on the ground right now—we are doing construction as we speak.”

While the menu will likely feature some of the spots greatest hits, including a knockout fried chicken dish and three-cheese macaroni and cheese, the menu will also feature some comfort foods specific to Baltimore.

“I’m probably going to add a killer crab-cake sandwich,” says Voltaggio. “As I develop the menu, I’m going to look at the history of Baltimore and include dishes such as stews and braises, and also develop a recipe for a good Maryland crab soup.” 

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