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Talking Points

What's the fanciest meal you've ever had?

Kathy Heisler, retired: Chez Panisse in Berkeley, California, founded by the amazing Alice Waters. Over $300 for two of us, but worth every cent.

Julie Wardley, makeup artist: Minibar [in Washington, D.C.] for my 32nd birthday. Was kissed on the hand by my idol chef José Andrés as we were on our way out the door! My husband was a good sport, and that dinner was something we could
never recreate on our own.

Michelle Arencivia, product management director: Brennan’s in New Orleans. $400 for breakfast. My first time in N’awlins in my early 20s, I thought: ‘What could you possibly do to breakfast to make it that expensive?!’ A decade later, when I could afford it, I learned. The flambé was amazing.

Michael Damian Coleman, international contracts manager: Ate lunch at Per Se by Thomas Keller of The French Laundry fame at the window overlooking Central Park. Dinner was at Le Bernardin by Éric Ripert. Both worth it!