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Spike’s Parts & Labor Coming Soon

Meet the head butcher at a supper and butchery workshop.

Get a first-hand look at the work of butcher George Marsh as he leads
a lesson on how to break down half a hog. The class, followed by a
three-course supper, will be held at Artifact Coffee at 6 p.m. on April 1.

Marsh, pictured left,
is the head butcher at Parts & Labor, the latest offering by Spike
and Amy Gjerde, who also run Artifact, Woodberry Kitchen, and Shoo-Fly
Diner. The new Remington space at 2600 N. Howard St. will house a
full-service butcher shop and a restaurant.

The butcher shop will
open in late March and showcase cuts of meat from area farms like
Liberty Delight Farm, Whistle Pig Hollow, and Many Rocks Farm as well as
offer salami and pâtés for sale.

The 84-seat restaurant will
begin service in April. It will feature hearth-cooked items like steak,
pork chops, various sausages, and roasted seasonal vegetables. Diners
will also be able to enjoy “one-pot” dishes like chilies and stews and
construct their own cured-meat board from a selection of hams, terrines,
and sausages.

A beer program will offer 24 taps featuring Maryland breweries as much as possible. There will also be a growler station.

The Artifact butchery event is being hosted by Make Tribe,
a group focusing on crafting workshops. Tickets are $68 (includes food,
drink, lesson, tax, and gratuity) and can be purchased on their website. Space is limited.

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