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Let’s Have a Kiki

Local drag queen Brooklyn Heights talks drag brunch etiquette
Michael Byers

Wake up and smell the hairspray—local drag queens have taken over Baltimore’s brunch scene, and they’re leaving a trail of glitter in their wake. With high-energy performers drawing masses of mimosa-sipping patrons to restaurants such as Minnow, El Bufalo Tequila Bar & Kitchen, and Trinacria Cafe, it’s time for a refresher course on how to act when a queen sashays around your table or challenges you to a twerk-off.

We asked Brooklyn Heights, host and lead performer of Points South Latin Kitchen’s Sunday brunch, to give us the lowdown on drag brunch etiquette.

  • Always tip your entertainers! It takes a lot of money to look this fabulous, darling.
  • Do not touch, unless given permission.
  • Unless you work for Picture People, get off your damn phone!
  • The more you drink, the prettier we’ll look.
  • If anything we do offends you, you probably don’t belong here, anyway.
  • Respect the staff as much as the entertainers. We ALL work hard to please you!
  • Make a reservation, confirm your reservation, and show up to your damn reservation.
  • Have fun!