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Music Reviews: November 2014

The latest releases from Guy Blakeslee and Arty Hill.

Ophelia Slowly
Guy Blakeslee (Everloving)

Blakeslee graduated from The Park School of Baltimore, a sort of indie-rock finishing school that counts members of Animal Collective and Yeasayer as distinguished alums. Here, Blakeslee sheds the neo-psychedelic blues he forged with The Entrance Band over the past decade, opting instead for moodier soundscapes that perfectly match his introspective lyrics. The album is produced by yet another Park grad, Chris Coady—known for his work with Beach House and TV on the Radio—who adds a shimmering finish that buoys these songs.

Heart on My Dirty Sleeve
Arty Hill (Highlandtown Music)

An Eastern Shore native, Hill solidifies his standing as the area’s leading honky-tonk hero with this sprawling two-disc set. Over the course of 27 songs, he two-steps and waltzes through classic country styles that could make Willie weep (“The Golden Rule Don’t Apply” and “Waiting for the Light to Change”) or summon Hank’s ghost (“Here Where the Rain Comes In”). This month (November 6-9), Hill conducts songwriting workshops at, appropriately enough, the Hank Williams Museum in Montgomery, Alabama.