Best of Baltimore 2022

Edited by Max Weiss

Written by Ron Cassie, Janelle Erlichman Diamond, Jane Marion, Christianna McCausland, and Lydia Woolever, with Lauren Cohen, Ashley Glenn, Grace Hebron, Rachel Hinch, Suzanne Loudermilk, Amy Scattergood, and Mike Unger

Photography by

Schaun Champion, J.M. Giordano, Mike Morgan, Philip Muriel, Christopher Myers, Matt Roth, Justin Tsucalas, and Tyrone Syranno Wilkens

Illustrations by

Devin Watson

August 2022
Best of Baltimore

Best of Baltimore 2022

Our annual compendium of the people and places that make Charm City great.

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SOMETIMES WE WISH we could distribute the Best of Baltimore issue around the country. You see, despite outside perception, Baltimore really is an incredibly dynamic, creative, and cool town and we want to spread the word about it. Celebrating all things Baltimore is what we do in this annual issue. (It’s kind of our deal, in general.) That’s why this year we included an “Only in Baltimore” designation—these are winners you couldn’t possibly find anywhere else. Come to think of it, maybe there are some things we want to keep to ourselves.

View our 2023 Best of Baltimore winners, here.

Food & Drink

Best of: Food & Drink

Edited by Jane Marion with Lauren Cohen, Suzanne Loudermilk, Amy Scattergood, Mike Unger, and Max Weiss.
Arts & Culture

Best of: Arts & Culture

Edited by Lydia Woolever with Ron Cassie, Grace Hebron, Amy Scattergood, and Max Weiss.
Things to Do

Best of: Fun & Games

Edited by Max Weiss with Ron Cassie, Janelle Erlichman Diamond, Grace Hebron, Mike Unger, and Lydia Woolever.

Home & Service

Best of: Home & Service

Edited by Christianna McCausland
Style & Wellness

Best of: Style & Wellness

Edited by Janelle Erlichman Diamond with Rachel Hinch and Ashley Glenn.

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