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Selections from Baltimore School for the Arts' Senior Photo Class

BSA seniors might be the last students to work in a darkroom setting for months ahead.

Using Ilford photo paper and film, Baltimore School for the Arts seniors Aleeia Townes, Andrew Selway, Kandice Johnson, Dionna Richardson, Myah Stokes, Sydney Adams, Zoe Jackson, and Freddy Wolfe printed the following works in the school’s darkroom just before the COVID-19 lockdown and cancellation of school for the year.

They’ve spent the last two months of their senior year at home, wrapping up the remainder of their classwork and capturing their final photography projects digitally.

“It’s been a lot slower,” says Wolfe. “The lack of people makes for some very isolated work. I’ve been appreciating nature and being outside much more.”

With the uncertainty surrounding when school structure will eventually resume as normal, Wolfe and his classmates might be the last film students to work hands-on in a darkroom setting for many months ahead.

We hope that this isn’t the case, for their sake and the sake of photography’s future.

The students’ senior showcase was set to take place at the Luann Carra Gallery in Fells Point. In the wake of its cancellation, we’ve compiled a digital gallery of the last images they printed in the darkroom in February and March.

Aleeia Townes

Aleeia 61
Aleeia 71

Andrew Selway

Andrew Photos0011
Andrew Photos0021

Kandice Johnson

Kandice Johnson1
Kandice Johnson21

Dionna Richardson


Myah Stokes

Myah Photo 21
Myah Photo 41
Myah Photo 4 11

Sydney Adams

Sydney Adams Peabody Photo1

Zoe Jackson


Freddy Wolfe

Freddy Wolfe0011
Freddy Wolfe0021
Freddy Wolfe0051